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The Ancients have been coming to Sedona to enjoy the beauty, receive inspiration and renewal, for thousands of years. You can experience the vortexes and this spiritual energy today. Relax, be recharged, rejuvenated and re-inspired. Experience the magic and power of Sedona Vortexes through any of our unique specialty tours to connect to these traditional Native American power spots.    



We teach you about and visit the vortexes so you may understand more about the Earth and its energies. From here we go to a Medicine Wheel built on the land and explain its symbolism and tools for you. 

The Native American Medicine Wheel can help you find and activate the totem animals, plants, minerals and colors you chose to bring with you as tools in this lifetime. Release your emotional blockages and set your intentions for a happier, healthier you! Learn to let go of anything that you no longer want to carry with you.



Our guides take you to at least two vortexes and more if time permits. We teach you about their uses, your totem animals and creating harmony in your life. We help to remove emotional blocks and improve the quality of your life. You will learn to see your self in a new perspective and connect to the power of your highest and best qualities. Become free to follow your true life path. 


We want you to ask any questions

you may have and we assist you in fulfilling your intentions

for your life, goals and relationships.

Personal Vortex Tour
Medicine Wheel Tour
Intensive Vortex



We go out on the land with the three hour Sedona Intensive Tour and visit the vortexes to help you connect to the greater Universe around you and explore your relationship to self, family, work and your spiritual path. We can also visit the Medicine Wheel, if necessary, and explain the tools you chose to come to this lifetime with. We will then complete this experience by adding, up to a one hour psychic reading and counseling session.

Full Life Tour


Our Individualized Custom Vortex Tour guarantees that it will be a private, journey with just you, your party and your personal guide.  

This is a marvelous shamanic, spiritual unfoldment including a guided tour to Sedona’s healing Vortexes and The Medicine Wheel.

Individual Private

Psychic Readings & Counseling Sessions

We specialize in transformational Shamanic sessions to shift consciousness for healing, growth and prosperity. We also provide past life readings to help you understand your karmic connections. Available in person or by phone, this information helps bring personal enrichment, inspiration, healing and clarity. We can guide you to answer some of life’s most difficult questions and can provide insights about love, career and your future. This can bring clarity to questions such as:

  • Who am I?

  • What is my spiritual path?

  • What is my Life Purpose?

  • What are Insights about Love, Life, Career and the Future for me?

  • What do I really need to know right now?

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