We gather for our tours at 2370 W SR 89a  Sedona, AZ in the parking area . We can also pick you up at your Sedona accommodations or

at a pre-arranged location in our air-conditioned van.


Our tours take you into the energy centers that have been in existence since the birth of the Earth Mother. These are sites that the Native People have been doing ceremonies on for tens of thousands of years. Though they have many names throughout the world here we call them Vortexes. You will travel through some of the most beautiful places

on the planet and experience the wonder and awe that

the first humans coming here saw and felt.


On the way to our first destination, the driver explains what Vortexes are and where and how they can be found. We talk about ways the Native American people used them for ceremony and as tools.


We arrive at the first destination and together we do a ancient Native American ceremony of smudging to help balance our energies.

We take a short walk around one of the most inspiring places in the area, pointing out the different formations in the red rocks.

We watch for any animals, birds, insects and reptiles in the  Shamanic tradition, explain about their symbolism and

how you can personally use that information in your life.

As we move through this incredible journey we invite you to ask any questions and address any situations that are important to you.

We do a Native American corn meal prayer, asking blessings

and connecting to all the spirits who live in the area.


We go to another Vortex area to experience its

different energy and its polarity. We point out several other 

vortexes and discuss their polarities.


On our Medicine Wheel Tour we visit an actual medicine wheel and

conduct a ceremony explaining its rituals, symbolism and uses. 

You will learn about your totem animals and what tools they offer you.



"I recommend Secret Mountain Tours for anyone visiting the area."


This Journey Can Change Your Life

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